Thursday, January 31, 2008

Biopsy Results

It turns out that the nodule in my left lung is malignant melanoma. As such I am currently scheduling radiation treatment to remove it, hopefully next week. I was preparing for this news and am actually encouraged that we can kill it without surgically removing part of my lung. God has given me two incredible years since being diagnosed with this aggressive disease and I treasure each day. Hopefully this is just another small obstacle to overcome.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Duck Duck

On Monday night after dinner Noah had the great idea of playing a little Duck, Duck, Goose. The boys have a fun time with it. Often they will yell "cow" or some other animal instead of "duck" and they will crack up laughing. We operate on modified rules. The person on the outside yells "goose" and then they run around the circle (or around the house) until they crash back into the circle. No one ever is caught. It is a lot of fun.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A little complication

Well, the chest x-ray showed that I did indeed have air between my lung and my chest and it was keeping my left lung from expanding all the way. So instead of going home they kept me for another chest x-ray at 7:30. Jen came over a little after 6:30 as her mom had arrived to take care of the boys. It was great to have her there as I was totally bored and tired of being in the hospital. The 7:30 x-ray showed that the pocket of air had actually grown a little, but the doctor felt that it wasn't large enough to put me at risk. So I was able to go home! It still hurt to take good breaths but they said it would go away. They did schedule me for another chest x-ray at 9am the next morning. I slept on the recliner that night and it felt good to breath. But in the morning it felt the same as yesterday. The x-ray showed that the pocket of air stayed the same, so they sent me home and just asked me to come back in if I experienced shortness of breath.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Today was the day of a needle biopsy on the nodule in my left lung. Jen and the boys dropped me off at Northside Cumming a little after 10:30am. Check in was easy and they brought me back to the radiology prep area a little after 11. They took my blood to make sure everything looked good. I was supposed to start at 12:30 but didn't end up going to the CT room until 1:30pm. I was definately ready as there was little of interest on my little hospital TV. They wheeled me over and I climbed onto the CT table. The drugs they gave me made me feel very relaxed but I was awake for the whole procedure. They started off by scanning me to see where the nodule was. Then I received a local anesthia. The doctor put the needle in and then scanned me again to see how close it was. He then did this a couple of more times before he got to it. It was located at the top and close to the middle. He pulled out several samples and the pathologist said that they had enough. So he pulled the needle
out and they scanned me again. There wasn't a hole in my lung (it closed up from the needle) but some air did leak out into my chest. So I'm here in the recovery area as they check me out and looking forward to Jen picking me up at 6:30. Now we wait for the results.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Follow-up CT scan results

Well, the good news is that the nodule in my right lung did not change over the last two months. However, the nodule in my left lung increased in size from 6mm to 13mm. Obviously that is not encouraging, but it still could be something other than cancer. So I go in on Friday to have a needle biopsy and from there they will send it off to the labs. I'm scheduled to see my oncologist next Thursday to find out what it is and then determine next steps. Whether it is cancer or not, I know I serve a great and good God.

Monday, January 21, 2008


The kids absolutely love playing the Wii Play games that came with our extra controller. Here is a video of them playing Charge!, a game where you race cows down a path and try to knock over scarecrows. By moving the controller up and down you can make the cows jump--which is Noah's favorite thing to do. Kaleb is actually quite good. They are both hysterical to watch.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow . . . again!

We had a great snow fall on Wednesday night--some of the best snow I've seen in a long time. So when the weather was calling for snow on Saturday I was skeptical. Surely it wouldn't happen twice. In the morning I looked out expectantly, only to see rain falling with a few snow flakes. But around 10am, it all turned into snow, and kept snowing. So we put boots, gloves, jackets, and hats on the boys and went out to play. As you'll see in the picture, we didn't have gloves for Noah, so he wore a pair of mine.

We had a blast, making snowballs and tracks in the snow. Then I grabbed the top of a cooler and we went sledding. In this picture Noah helped to push Kaleb to get him started and then I pulled him down the hill. It was awesome. The boys loved it and we had a great time. We also made a small snowman with a carrot nose and berries for eyes and a mouth. Of course his name was Frosty, and later in the day he went sledding with us. Fun times.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday fun

Jen wasn't feeling good (sore thoat), so the three boys hung out on Friday. There was a lot of Wii going on (Kaleb gets excited about Daddy stay-at-home days because that means he can play Wii all day instead of just at night), but I did manage to get them outside. In fact, I taught them to play kickball, which was fun. We set up the bases we picked up last time we were in LA and they would kick and run around them. Then Kaleb suggested going to the playground, so we headed down there for a little while. It was another fun day.

Thursday night poker

Chris Kim had a "Men's fellowship night" over at his apartment Thursday. It was a good showing--about fourteen of us--so we had two tables to start out with. I played my sit back and watch strategy and let them fight it out until it was down to three. Then we combined the two into a winners and a losers table. But I didn't last long at the winners table--two hands to be exact. I went all in with a pair of 8's and a king high. But Aaron had a pair of Aces so my short stack was gone quickly. Oh well, but as always a great time was had.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Can you believe it--we had snow in Atlanta. It had started to flurry when I left work, but by the time we came home from dinner at Moes, it was full on real snow. It was even accumulating on the ground. After some coaxing we were able to get the boys out in it long enough to take a couple of pictures. They weren't too sure about it and wanted to go back inside so we could play Wii. We went inside, but I brought some snow in with us and showed them how you could make a snowball and even eat the stuff. Kaleb was the first to touch it--and to take a bite. Noah took a little more convincing. Then I went back outside and showed them how you could throw snowballs by sending some at the window. I had them at that point so they got dressed again and came back outside. I made some snowballs and Kaleb would throw them against the windows and then against me. Then they became cold so we went back inside. It was great. Not too many times do you have a chance to play with your kids in t
he snow down here.

CT scan

Yesterday I went in for the follow up CT scan. Two months ago two nodules showed up in a scan of my lungs. There could be a variety of reasons for them to be there, but obviously cancer is the foremost worry. So yesterday I drove up to Northside in Cumming to have another scan. The procedure itself was fast and mostly painless (they did inject me with contrast). It was much quicker and easier than the usual PET-MRI-CT scans that I have every four months. But I left with a sadness in my heart. The heaviness of it all hit me as I lay there underneath the machine. Don't get me wrong, I'm very hopeful. I expect great news, but every once in a while the seriousness hits me, like it did yesterday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beautiful day

It was another great day, so we went to the Sawnee Mtn Preserve and hiked up to the top of Sawnee Mtn. It was a nice, easy trail and the boys enoyed their first time hiking.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to school

The boys were back at school this week. Here is a picture of Kaleb getting his feet painted by Mrs. Vicki. They were making a craft out of footprints.

Unseasonably Warm

We have been enjoying some great weather this week. After school on Monday Jen and the boys were able to play outside until I got home. Here is a picture of them in action.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Watch out Tiger Woods

It warmed up a bit today allowing us to venture outside. After they rode around on their Power Wheels, made some leaf piles, and took some batting practice, we pulled out the golf clubs that Noah received for Christmas. It was fun to watch them take swings and occasionally hit the ball. Tiger Woods need not be afraid at this point.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gone fishing

Well, the game today was fishing. Apparently inspired by watching Nemo this afternoon, Kaleb and Noah set up their own fishing operation. Noah had an orange "fishing rod" that he would use to catch the fish on the other side of the couch. Kaleb was using some string to pull in his catches. Then, once a fish was caught it was placed in one of two "fish tanks" that Kaleb constructed out of the pillows and cushions from the couch. You have to love the imagination of a three and four year old.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Eve

Well, they almost made it. We were over at Clint and Katherine's to watch the Chick-fil-a Bowl and the kids amazingly almost made it to see the new year arrive. We were going to let them stay up as long as they wanted to and they just kept going. Finally Noah crashed at 10:30 and Kaleb at 11:00 pm. Unfortunately they missed Clemson fall short in overtime, but was a great way to bring in 2008-spending time with friends.