Wednesday, August 20, 2008

school starts!

i can't believe that i have a kindergartener! wow! it is official- kaleb is in big school! he started last monday and hasn't stopped since. i woke him up at 6:30 the first three days of school and since then he's been up on his own (including saturday and sunday - which we'll have to work on). last monday morning he hopped on the bus just as big as he could be. i am SO proud of him and continue to be. noah and i walk kaleb to the bus stop every morning, which is only one house over and then sit under our willow tree waiting for the bus to drop him back off after school. kaleb seems to be loving it. he doesn't say a whole lot but every now and then he shares a little sneak peak of his day.
noah started his 3's preschool class last monday too. he is doing great. he's already earned three trips to the treasure box! it's been a little strange and much more quiet as i've only been driving noah to preschool. it gives us some special one on one time that noah and i have never gotten. i think it works out well and noah probably could use some focused attention these days.
my new class of pre-k kids is going good too. i have 8 girls and 2 boys. that's alot of bows and dresses in my room! something different, but good!
i am totally busy with all our schools and being mom. i don't think i've ever been as tired as i am these past two weeks (worse than pregnancy and that was tough). it's been a physical and emotional drain. i have missed michael alot this past week. i know he would be SO proud of kaleb. school was always a big deal to michael, i think he even changed his middle name to it after two masters degrees and the dream of more. i remind kaleb and noah how proud daddy is, even from heaven.
i am so thankful school is going so great for all of us! God is amazing in his mercy and grace! i trust in Him to take care of it all! He has so far and i don't doubt He'll ever stop!

summer fun!

hi friends!
it has been a fun and busy summer! thanks for being patient with me as i haven't blogged in a couple months. hopefully with the routine of school and work starting i'll get better!
this summer was full of fun little trips. we spent some time at my sister's house in summerville, sc, the beach, the whole brietzke/peters family took a trip to tennessee, and we had lots of weekend visitors, like grammie and papa! we celebrated kaleb's fifth birthday in june - i can't believe he's that old!
overall, we are doing well. the boys are enjoying life, just like michael would have wanted! they miss their daddy and talk about him a little bit. i miss him too! we are still so grateful to be surrounded by amazing family and friends who continually support and encourage us! with them and of course, our big God we are moving forward, remembering the great memories we have and being thankful for what we also have now.
please continue to pray for us as i know that helps so much!