Sunday, September 28, 2008

story time!

i'm here to ask for those michael stories i know you've been thinking about. i have received some (which have been so great to read), but i know there are a lot more out there! so get those pens out or start typing and send them to me please:)! i never gave a time frame, but am hoping to start working on putting them together soon. it's going to be such an amazing finished product. it will be a true treasure for me and especially the boys! michael had such an incredible impact on SO many and i want his boys to know that! thanks for helping make this happen!

also please include a picture of yourself or your family if possible so i can show the boys all the people their daddy loved!

disney was GREAT!

we went to disney two weeks ago! thanks to some VERY generous friends the boys and i along with my sister got to spend five days in florida! it was amazing! it was wonderful having erin there (thanks gail and jerrel for watching eliana and harper). the four of us had a great time together making some more amazing memories. the boys loved all the rides. noah was tall enough to ride lots more this time and kaleb was even tall enough for space mountain. and he rode it! he was so brave! we got to see many characters too!
now it's back to the real world! it was a fun escape and much needed one. life seems to move too fast some times, so it was nice to slow down and truly enjoy each other. we are all still enjoying school and doing well. this fall will be busy with school stuff, clemson games and some visits from family!
thanks for your continued support and prayers! we still need them and appreciate them!