Sunday, September 28, 2008

story time!

i'm here to ask for those michael stories i know you've been thinking about. i have received some (which have been so great to read), but i know there are a lot more out there! so get those pens out or start typing and send them to me please:)! i never gave a time frame, but am hoping to start working on putting them together soon. it's going to be such an amazing finished product. it will be a true treasure for me and especially the boys! michael had such an incredible impact on SO many and i want his boys to know that! thanks for helping make this happen!

also please include a picture of yourself or your family if possible so i can show the boys all the people their daddy loved!


Valentine Family said...

I wrote a letter awhile back to send to you. Can you let me know where to send it? I can mail or email it. I know you do not know me but I have been following your families story for some time now. I think you are amazing!

Clint and April said...

Hey Jen. The Rigsby clan here. Emailed a letter and photo last year after your initial request but want to confirm you received. If not, we can send again.

Thanks for the window into your lives. We think about you all often. Michael's life is still a faithful encouragement to me - I have his photo posted in our room and at work as a reminder to seize the day for Jesus!

Love to your family from ours,